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Health and Wellness

While most of us would like to think we have a decent diet, sometimes we may not realize that what we eat can actually be aging us and making us look older.While splurging every once in a while is not a bad thing, continuous, on-going poor diet choices can affect how we look and age. Everything in moderation, right???  Sometimes making a few small changes can allow us to age more gracefully.

1. SWEETS: Eating too much sugar initiates a process called, glycation–eating  more sugar than what the cells can actually process; the excess sugar combined with proteins may damage the skin’s collagen.

2. ALCOHOL: A healthy liver aids in healthy skin. However, when toxins (especially from alcohol) build up in the system, it can create a sallow appearance and wrinkles. Alcohol is dehydrating and bad for your sleep, which was associated with accelerated aging in a Case Western Reserve University study. “Inadequate sleep is linked to wrinkles, uneven pigmentation, and reduced skin elasticity. Alcoholic can also trigger Rosacea flare ups.

3. SALTY FOODS:While you may not put salt on your food or add to your favorite recipe, lots of foods have high amounts of sodium, mainly for preservative reasons. This can cause your body to retain water, giving you a puffy look. Other salty foods include processed meats, snack foods like potato chips, and even cottage cheese.

4. RED MEAT: Having a nice steak or hamburger won’t kill you! However, fatty red meat creates free radicals. These free radicals are in search of electrons from healthy cells  and robbing them causes damage, which affects your appearance. Choose healthier options like wild caught fish,  chicken or turkey.

5. SPICY FOOD: Many of us know that spicy food can aggravate Rosacea but menopausal women are also at risk. “Spicy foods dilate blood vessels, therefore, menopausal women may see their skin looking blotchy and less youthful during this time. No need to stress over the occasional spicy curry but choosing to go spicy on a regular basis could lead to spider veins, puffiness and/or permanent redness”, says Dr. Ariel Ostad , a NYC board-certified Dermatologist and Dermatologic Surgeon.  Opt to go mild when you can!

6. ANYTHING CAFFEINATED: This wonderful pick-me-up acts as a diuretic, which removes fluid. This also  steals moisture, drying the skin out and making you susceptible to  wrinkles and fine lines. While you do not necessarily need to eliminate caffeine from your diet, it would be a good idea to be vigilant with your moisturizer so that what’s taken away can be replaced.

7.  COFFEE:  Caffeine actually ages your smile. This is because the amount of acid in coffee creates microscopic pores in the tooth’s enamel, leading to discoloration. And we all know that having dark teeth ages you. If you are not ready to kick your coffee to the curb, consider drinking it thru a straw or chewing sugar-free gum–this increases saliva production and helps to re-mineralize the teeth.

Sometimes making a few small changes can allow us to age gracefully. There’s no need to rush it!

Tiffany Torrence Forde
Skin & Body Klinic

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